Incredible Benefits Of Potatoes

Potatoes are an important and widely available food source and a staple in most people’s diets. Some of these health benefits include improved digestion, lower cholesterol levels, better cardiovascular health, protection from polyps, and more. They may increase immunity, lower signs of aging, and protect the skin.

Potatoes Offer Health Benefits

The following are the health benefits of potatoes

May Increase Weight Gain

According to a study published European Journal of Clinical Nutrition potatoes may primarily contain carbohydrates. It may be a great combination of cream, butter, and cheese for people looking to lose weight. Vitamins such as vitamin C or B-complex could help with proper carbohydrate absorption. This may be one reason why sumo wrestlers and other athletes need large energy reserves to compete.

This May Be A Simple Way To Digest

They may aid digestion because potatoes contain carbohydrates. This may make potatoes an ideal food choice for babies and people who can’t digest hard food but still require energy. You should be aware that excessive consumption of them can lead to acidity.

It May Have High Fiber Content

Also, potatoes may contain significant amounts of roughage or fiber. This can increase peristaltic motion and secretion of gastric enzymes. This improves digestion and prevents constipation. Due to its high fiber level, this vegetable can protect the body from serious diseases like colorectal cancer. Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.

May Help With Skincare

Vitamins B and C as well as minerals like magnesium and phosphorus can be good for your skin. In addition to this, the pulp made from crushed raw potatoes and mixed with honey may be useful in skin or face packs. This could even help with spots and pimples. The pulp can also be used externally to treat burns for quick healing. It may be worth using mashed potatoes and water to wash them. This is especially useful for rough skin, particularly around the elbows.

May Reduce Inflammation

According to research papers, potatoes may reduce inflammation, both external and internal. Because they are soft, easy to digest, and contain lots of vitamin C (a good antioxidant that repairs tissues wear and tear), potassium, and vitamin B6, potatoes may be able to relieve any inflammation in your intestines or digestive system. They could also be a good option for mouth ulcer sufferers. Because of their anti-inflammatory effects, people with arthritis and hyperuricemia may consider using potatoes. The humble potato can also cause weight gain, which can make the condition worse. You must find the right balance.

May Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can result from a variety of factors such as diabetes and stress. Potatoes can help with high blood pressure and stress. The fiber in potatoes could help to lower cholesterol. Additionally, the sodium found in potatoes (46% of daily requirements per serving) may help lower blood pressure because it acts as a vasodilator.

May Prevent Heart Diseases

Aside from vitamins (B, C, and D), minerals and roughage potatoes may also have certain substances called carotenoids (lutein and Zeaxanthin). Carotenoids might be beneficial to the health of your heart and other internal organs. To reap this health benefit, potatoes may increase the blood sugar level and can cause obesity. It is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes or obesity.

Tips To Reduce Potato Nutrient Deficit

Avoid peeling the potatoes before cooking. The outer shell might protect from nutritional losses during cooking. Because of their high protein and mineral content, you may need to cook them after peeling.

You should reduce the number of potatoes that are fried. Frying can cause a 75% loss of vitamin C. Other methods of cooking, such as baking, air frying, or steaming, are also possible. The healthiest option for cooking potato is baking because baked potato in oven almost retains its 82% of nutrients compared to other ways of cooking.