Make this summer memorable by hosting a neighborhood garden party

Between the months of June and August, everything lovely and fantastic occurs.” With a neighborhood garden party, you may celebrate the long-lasting sunshine, everything being in flower, and laid-back or downright lazy weekends. An outdoor gathering with friends and family will be remembered by everyone who attend. Seasonal décor, nibbles of cuisine made from the garden’s produce, and fresh, light drinks (or mocktails for those who don’t drink) will boost your entertaining. Continue reading for ideas on how to create an unforgettable summer neighborhood garden party.

Constructing an Outdoor Tablescape
Flowers in abundance make a stunning background for backyard entertainment. A tiny flower arrangement at each place setting adds natural detail to your table, and vases of dahlias, marigolds, or a variety of daisies provide a flash of color. Weston Table has a large selection of flower vases and crocks in almost every color and design to match your seasonal decor. The more flowers there are, the better! See Fleurish’s photographic collection for ideas on how to elegantly integrate flowers into your outdoor table. Pastel table linens and pewter or white ceramic dishes contrast with the brightly colorful flowers placed over the tabletop.

Bar Cart for the Garden
A bar cart will elevate your backyard party. Make simple syrups from various herbs, cut citrus slices, put out spirit bottles, and serve in a variety of glasses. Seedlip provides non-alcoholic spirits made with all-natural ingredients and subtle aromas that visitors will enjoy when served at your garden bar. For enchanting summer mocktails, mix alchemy and botany with these Seedlip recipes. Fill your ice bucket with vivid flowers and citrus fruits or add flowers to your beverages. Florals not only look beautiful on the table, but they also serve as vibrant décor and utilitarian components.

Dining Outside
Prepare dishes that can sit outdoors and keep fresh ahead of time. Cheese boards including a range of hard and soft cheeses, nuts, fruit spreads, and crackers are always a crowd pleaser. Guests will like the little snacks served before the main entrée. Vegetable tarts, such as Half-Baked Harvest’s Asparagus, Egg, and Prosciutto Tart with Everything Spice or Weston Table’s Goat Cheese, Carrot, and Asparagus Tart, may also be cooked ahead of time, look gorgeous on the tablescape, and excite all of the senses. Serving glasses of freshly cut fruit to your gathering provides color and a pleasant addition. Fire up the barbecue for simple and informal meals. Seasonal veggies from your kitchen garden or a nearby farm store, such as asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli, need just a few minutes over the fire to be grilled to perfection.

The garden becomes a stunning background for outdoor entertainment as the seasons change and flowers begin to blossom. Make summer memorable by throwing a community garden party with wonderful food and your loved ones.