Content Requirements

 All posts must be at least 600 words long, while longer compositions (1,000+ words) are preferred.

Articles may include relevant photographs, videos, and outbound links that enhance our community’s overall experience.

Irrelevant hyperlinks will be deleted, and keyword stuffing entries will be refused.

Contributor Policies

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest and relevance to Blog readers. We like articles that provide fresh viewpoints and encourage debate on topics and trends that are significant to our readers – think op-ed instead of content marketing. We like dynamic, professional writing that blends research or news with interesting tales or examples to support your point of view.

What Information Should Be Included?

  1. The first paragraph
  2. Explanation of metadata (100-150 characters long)
  3. Internal pictures are optional but encouraged.
  4. All other designs are modifiable.
  5. Photograph by a guest author
  6. Biographical sketch of the guest author

What Constitutes A Valid CTA:

  • Obtaining some form of content resource (guide, report, white paper, eBook, etc.)
  • Participation in event registration (webinar or live event)
  • A free demonstration (must link to signup page)
  • A hyperlink to another article or website

What Is Not Considered An Appropriate CTA:

  • An invitation to follow the firm on social media, including links to social profiles
  • The ability to sign up for email newsletters and other connected services.
  • A request to contact a business, together with all contact information

Everything Has Been Taken Away

Plagiarism involves the following actions, but is not limited to them:

  • Plagiarizing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own
  • Plagiarizing someone else’s work and modifying a few words or lines
  • “Spinning” someone else’s work
  • Misrepresenting the concepts of others as your own, including development, flow, and instances pictures, and so on
  • Copying content from any website, regardless of whether the author is acknowledged.

Material To Avoid

  • We urge you to use your personal experiences, but
  • Business experience to back up your ideas
  • Excessive self-promotion (of yourself or your company)
  • Organization) may obstruct our publication of your
  • Article. The same may be true about complex jargon

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